Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Epic Room Makeover Contest Entry

I have been a single mom for ten years. Because of my limited budget, many things in my home are hand-me-downs. In fact, my home itself is even a hand-me-down! I live in the home where I grew up. It was built in 1972, and still has some of the original fixtures!

My favorite original fixture (read sarcasm) is the white-with-little-rocks conglomerate fireplace. It screams 1970s! I have wondered many times over the years what I can do to make it more modern. But anything I think of could turn out disastrous and make it worse. It needs help. (As you can see, I try to hide it with family pictures and other things that make me happy.)

The entryway is a 1970s + DIY disaster. I installed the green and gold sticky back vinyl tile myself. When I first did it, I was so proud. The fact that it’s still there, and so outdated? I’m mortified. You are the first person (people!) not related by blood to know I am personally responsible for this awful corner of the living room.

My 12-year-old son and I are very social, and love to have groups of friends over for parties. However, over the ten years we’ve lived in this home, each gathering has contributed a new stain to the carpet, the furniture, or both. We could chronicle the party food progression from Kool-Aid and Flavor-Blasted-Goldfish to Gatorade and chips & salsa from the stains on the carpet and couches. (And, for those of you squirming that food is allowed in the living room…I am constantly plagued with that regret.)

I’ve made inexpensive improvements over the years, such as adding throw pillows to the couches to provide some color and variety. I also added drapery panels, not only to provide some color but to shade the TV from the sun.

Speaking of the TV, it stands alone in the bare corner. It is functional for our family, but hardly sylish.

The lighting in the room is HORRIBLE! There is one light fixture above the door. Other than that, our light comes from two table lamps and one floor lamp. I have seen beautiful things done with lighting to update rooms like this. I would love to explore that option!

We’re SO ready for a change! We’re ready to have our mismatched hand-me-down room transformed into a space we can be proud of. I’m ready for the first thing people see when they come to our home to be something that truly reflects who we are, instead of an embarrassing mumbo-jumbo of outdated fixtures and furnishings. And, since my son is eight months away from being a teenager, I’m sure he would LOVE to have a less-mortifying living room when his friends come over!

Please consider us for the Epic Room Makeover!

UPDATE 9/7: Voting is open! Mine is #79: "Single mom & tween son need living room!"


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