Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of 5th Grade

Monday, August 23, Ryan started 5th grade! We were excited to find out that his teacher this year is someone that Rara & Papa know quite well. In prior years, there has been a first-day assembly outside. This year they had a back-to-school morning. Instead of going to the school on an evening the week before school started, they had everyone come early and make the rounds to the classrooms. It was far less structured and less formal. I’m still trying to decide if I liked that format. I think I prefer back-to-school night.

End-of-Season Swim Meet

On Saturday, August 21, Ryan participated in the last swim meet of the summer. It was held at the Layton Surf & Swim, and as with the rest of our summer, we woke up at 6:00 am to be there for warm-ups around 7:00 am. The meet started at 8:00 am.

Ryan swam four events – backstroke, butterfly, freestyle, and breaststroke. This was only the second time that he competed in breaststroke. He did great in all of his events!

Backstroke: Getting started…Approaching the finish (that's his arm coming out of the water "like Percy Jackson")…The board showing him (lane 3) in FIRST PLACE!I have to admit that I almost missed the butterfly. About three events before, I ran to the little girls’ room. Apparently there was only one girl in that butterfly event, so they combined two events, moving Ryan’s event up. As I was walking back toward the pool, mom told me what happened. I ran over to watch him FINISH IN FIRST PLACE!!! I was in such a rush to hug him that I didn’t take any pictures!

We have chuckled about an interview that Michael Phelps gave after his 8th gold medal win in Beijing. He is also the son of a single mom, and they have both talked about their close relationship. The interviewer asked him what his first thoughts were when he realized he won his 8th gold medal, surpassing the record of Mark Spitz. He said, “I was just looking for my mom!”

The butterfly is Ryan’s best stroke. I’ve mentioned before on the blog that his coach even calls him “Fly Man.” But he’s never won first place. When he realized he had won first place, he said, “I was just looking for my mom!” Luckily, at that moment, I was running on the deck (shhh-don’t tell the lifeguard!) to hug him and congratulate him. He said that at the time he was looking for me, he saw me running toward him. Hopefully that’s the first of many wins where his first thought is looking for his mom!

Freestyle: Lining up…Getting set. Look at that form!Breaststroke: Lining up…Look at that clean entry! Not a splash!The board showing him (lane 4) in third place! Not bad for the second time he’s competed in this event! That night, the team had the end-of-season party. We actually decided not to go. It had been an early morning, and we were exhausted. We grabbed some frozen yogurt (with his gift card from the coloring contest) and went home to chill. The next week when we went to swim team practice, his coach said, “Did Ryan get his trophy?” Trophy? The coaches voted Ryan the “most improved swimmer” on the team! Yes, considering that last year was his first meet after being on the team for a week, and that he placed something like 17th in his events, he has come a long way! From 17th place to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd isn’t bad at all!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Taste of the Town, Street Dance, and Summerfest

One of our favorite annual events takes place at the beginning of August in Bountiful. This year, Wednesday, August 4, was Taste of the Town and the street dance. Ryan and I have been going with Kristin & Abby every year, but Rara also went with us this year. We were able to sample food from some of our local favorites like the Mandarin and Sego Lily Café, and also enjoyed trying food from some new places like Moxie Café.

As it happens every year, there was a downpour for a few minutes. We ran under the eaves of a nearby building (and watched a small fire in one of the restaurant’s trailers). Then as quickly as it came, the rain left, leaving a beautiful rainbow over the Bountiful Tabernacle.We stayed at the street dance for a while. We enjoyed the Korean drummers – all young kids!That Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Summerfest was held at the Bountiful Park. Again, as our annual tradition, we went with Kristin & Abby. Kristin & I had just gotten dinner for Ryan & Abby, got them seated, and had headed to booths to decide what we wanted, when there was another downpour. The kids ran from their table and came to find us. The four of us stood under the entrance tent for a few minutes, while dozens of people ran to their cars and left!

About this time, Rara & Papa were coming. We met up with them as the rain cleared, and then enjoyed an evening of yummy food, wonderful dancers, kids playing, and double rainbows after the rain!

Marc's Birthday

Marc’s birthday fell on a Sunday this year (August 1), so we had dinner at Rara’s & Papa’s. We enjoyed celebrating with pie…Alice & Claire picked flowers for their mommy & daddy…And we all had fun watching the girls attempt badminton…We hope you had a happy birthday, Marc!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bear Lake

The week of July 26-31, we enjoyed our annual trip to Bear Lake. We took our traditional “Bear Lake Overlook” photo, and started the week off with LaBeau’s raspberry shakes and a meal at Merlin's.Rara & Papa have a timeshare at Ideal Beach Resort. It is a lot of fun, because not only do we get to play at the beach, but there is also a mini golf course on the site, and a huge lawn area for badminton and a climbing wall.Of course, we always spend a lot of time in the pool.The highlight of this trip (especially for Ryan) was Ryan being old enough to drive the Waverunner! After Papa had a very short turn at the helm, Ryan took over. He did great with the instructions that he was given regarding the preferred speed of his passengers…
Slow with Rara…Medium with Mom (obviously just getting started here)…Fast with Papa… The weather this year was perfect, so we enjoyed several days of play on the beach and in the lake. One day we took a break from the beach & water fun and went exploring. We went to Paris! (Paris, Idaho, that is.) We visited the Paris Tabernacle, the Paris museum, an antique shop, and had lunch at the Paris Café. There is also a bird refuge near Paris, so we also drove through that and enjoyed the peace and serenity there.
We ended the week as it began – with enough chocolate covered raspberries to last for a while!