Sunday, September 12, 2010

Greek Festival

Once Fall rolls around and Summer ends, our activities slow down! Especially with Ryan not playing soccer this year (he "retired" last year), things have been pretty quiet. The rec center has also been closed for its annual cleaning, so there's not even much swimming to report!

However, Friday we participated in one of our favorite annual activities - the Greek Festival. We usually go late afternoon on Friday every year so we can get into the food line between the lunch and dinner crowds. As usual, we were able to walk right up to the food area without waiting in line at all.

We got all of our favorite foods, and then watched the dancers while we ate. About the time we finished eating, the group of dancers also finished. There was a break until the next group, so Ryan went to his favorite activity of the Greek Festival - the midway.

He fought with sharks...
Played with King Kong...
And tried to escape from the evil bungee grasp, even channeling a bit of a superhero...

(No, as a matter of fact, I didn't take any pictures of the dancers or the food.)

When Ryan's tickets were gone, we went into the cathedral and listened to the program put on by the choir. It's always neat to sit in the church and look at all of the stained glass windows and other artwork.

When the choral program ended, we bought our pastries and sat outside in the courtyard to eat. We run into Ryan's principal, Mrs. Rawlins, at the Greek Festival every year. Sure enough, as we walked out into the courtyard, she came running over and said, "We KNEW we'd see each other here today, didn't we?" They had apparently talked about it earlier in the day at school.

The Greek Festival is one of our favorite events every year, for the food, the culture, and the fun!